Crowder, Melanie

An uninterrupted view of the sky / Melanie Crowder. - 289 pages ; 22 cm

Includes bibliographical references (page 287).

In Bolivia in 1999, when their father is unjustly arrested and their mother leaves, Francisco, seventeen, and his sister Pilar, eight, must move to the dirty, dehumanizing, and corrupt prison. 1999, Bolivia. Francisco's father is arrested on false charges and sent to prison by a corrupt system. Now Francisco and his young sister must move into prison with their father. There, they find a world unlike anything they've ever known. Prison life is dirty, dire, and dehumanizing. There's only one other option: break up the family and take his sister to their grandparents in the Andean highlands, fleeing the city and the future within his grasp.

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